Introducing Fruiteza's Peach Cinnamon Oolong Tea Box

Fruiteza is excited to announce it's latest product!

Are you ready to immerse yourself in a symphony of flavors and tradition? We are excited to unveil the latest addition to the Fruiteza family: Peach Cinnamon Oolong Tea. Crafted with sweet peach, aromatic cinnamon, and  calming chrysanthemum this blend brings together the finest ingredients to create a taste experience like no other.



What's inside the oolong tea box? 

 Each box features twenty five biodegradable oolong tea bags, with a unique Taiwan sourced blend of oolong tea. Our oolong tea features both the notes of sweetness found inside ripe peaches, and a little bit of spice found in aromatic cinnamon. With each sip, you'll be transported to orchards in bloom and spice-laden markets, experiencing the perfect harmony of sweetness and warmth. 


Biodegradable oolong tea bags: 

What sets our peach oolong tea bags apart is our commitment to sustainability. Our tea bags are fully-biodegradable, plastic-free, and staple-free, ensuring that every cup leaves behind only memories. Plus, our unique pyramid-shaped oolong tea bags ensure a balanced infusion, allowing you to savor the full depth of flavor with every brew. 


oolong tea bags hot brew


Only natural ingridients and flavors:

Our Peach Cinnamon Oolong Tea apart has no artificial flavors or additives. With Fruiteza you discover nature made flavors, enjoying them in every sip. 

How to brew my peach oolong tea?

 Whether you prefer a comforting hot oolong tea or a refreshing iced oolong tea , our Peach Cinnamon Oolong Tea Bags are designed to prepare both! 

 For a hot brew oolong tea, simply place a single tea bag inside the cup of hot water for thirty seconds, then remove the tea bag, after gently stirring. Adjust the steeping time based on your taste preference.  

 For an iced oolong tea, place two tea bags inside a cup of hot water, for sixty seconds. Remove the tea bags, after gently stirring, and add a preferred amount of ice. If the taste is too strong, we recommend adding a little bit of cold water to both chill mixture and balance the depthness of flavor. 


oolong tea served hot


What can I garnish my peach oolong tea with? 

To garnish your prepared oolong tea, we recommend adding a little bit of honey or agave for an extra natural sweetness. We’ve found citrus fruits or coconut milk to be also great additions to your experience. 

 So why wait? Treat yourself to a moment of tranquility with Fruiteza's Peach Cinnamon Oolong Tea. Whether you're starting your day on a high note or winding down after a long one, let our oolong tea be your companion on this journey of taste and serenity.

Experience the perfect blend of oolong, peach, and cinnamon today! 

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